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Oil & Gas Industries

Butterfly Valve applicable for low-pressure loss and Ball Valve could be applied for the flow of high-pressure liquids and gases with minimal pressure drop in energy plants. For several other applications, solenoid valves are also used, especially Gas Solenoid Valve.

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Power Generation Station

Our control valves are being applied in containment sampling systems, emergency core cooling systems, liquid radiation waste systems, emergency generator systems, etc to possess favorable outcomes for energy plants.

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Aviation Industries

Pneumatic Control Valve applied for vent, heater, shutoff-valve volume compensators, breakaway, park-brake, check-baffle, air-bleed, fuel swing-check, pressure regulating shut-off, and motor- and solenoid-operated fuel/refuel shutoff valves in aircraft.

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Food & Beverages Industries

Solenoid Valves are applied to regulate various food processing equipment that relies on components to make, dispense, or preserve food and beverage products.

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Marine Industries

Directional Control valves are being applied to marine mainly in horns and whistles. According to their different types as well as dimensions, solenoid valves could be applicable.

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Irrigation Industries

Solenoid valves electromagnetically regulate the flow of water. Automatic irrigation saves water and also time. In the water and clingy environment, our actuated ball valve is more preferable.

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Railway Industries

The railway environment contains dust and contamination with heavy vibration. In such a condition, it requires a control valve that can resist. Our solenoid valves and pneumatic valves are suitable for this kind of situation.

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Chemical & Pharmaceuticals Industries

Uflow Automation Provides a variety of stainless steel material robust solenoid valves for a highly corrosive environment, For media like chemicals and pharmaceutical products.

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Paper Industries

A dilute suspension of fibers in water is drained through a screen in papermaking, which is a reason that a mat of randomly interwoven fibers remains. In the paper industry, The main media encountered in production are slurry, steam, water, black liquor, and sewage.

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Why Uflow?

Uflow Automation research & development department

The research & development department continuously strives for unique ideas to give the best automation solutions. We provide an innovative product range with sophisticated technologies.


Uflow Automation service providers

According to global transitions, Uflow Automation encourages a more resilient future for their clients by service. From our constructive and adaptive business portfolio to advanced science and technology that fuels the intellectual enterprises.

Our Quality

Uflow Automation quality assurance department

The quality assurance department certainly scrutinizes the products to provide the clients with our top-quality. We are triumphantly growing on our feet by maintaining the quality of our products.

Who We Are?

We are a prime solenoid valve, and other control system valve manufacturer as well as a supplier in the globe with our latest technology with innovative ideas for customization service. We are having standard certification of ISO 9001:2015 by TUV NORD.









Our Goal

Company Mission

We have also developed best testing facilities to ensure performance of valves made by Uflow.

Our mission is to supply hobbyists and small business with the highest quality electric solenoid valves at the lowest prices.

To add value to client’s business through implementation of excellent product knowledge and consistent advancement in technology of the product.
To understand the client’s query and provides a correct solution. So within the future, they’re going to not have a fault achieve goals.
Supply hobbyists and small business with the highest quality electric solenoid valves at the lowest prices.

Uflow Automation give the smart solution for your business


What client Say

Uflow Automation Clients

Uflow Automation has increasingly grew in the last few years by their diligence and support.

Mr.Adam Freeman,


Uflow Automation is a leading manufacturer for the control valve with the best communication team.

Mr.Abdul Mehbil,


Uflow automation has grew as developing company and pacing towards to become a leading company in automation field.

Ms.Emma Garner,


The manufacturer produces excellent quality control valves for chemical applications and corrosive environments.

Mr.Zhong Leng Gweng,


International standard product with genuine solution and support even after purchase.

Mr.Naguib Adenuga,


Uflow Automation has suggested and provided us accurate valves for our project, and we would be happy to have their products in the future.

Mr.Kasper Kiel,


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