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Uflow Automation

In 2008, Initially established as a small manufacturing unit Uflow Automation has enhanced its business capability to international standard. Uflow Automation is a modern, dynamic company that is currently emerging in the worldwide market place as a leader in valve manufacturing.

Our commitment is to the development, manufacture, and marketing of the highest quality valves. Our personal, from the R&D to Engineering, to our outside sales team, are highly trained, and in tune with our customer’s needs and expectations.

Our markets already include satisfied customers here in India, as well as the Middle East and Asia. Continued growth and ongoing efforts to seek new applications and opportunities to solve customer problems will be the secret to our long term success.

Advanced technology will allow Uflow to provide the consistency our customers expect. The new factory, combined with highly trained technicians and strict quality specifications, will ensure that as we grow our products remain reliable, and durable.

Uflow Automation
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Satisfied Clients

The Research & Development team will always be in your service and assured that the client’s query has been solved, and avoid the occurrence of difficulties in the future.

If it is necessary to modify the design, then reengineering will be concluded.Uflow Automation as a proficient, we might be glad to possess your queries anytime.

Our dedicated service person will provide you an essential guideline with collateral assistance for your project.

  • We have also developed best testing facilities to ensure performance of valves made by Uflow.
  • We provide an innovative product range with sophisticated technologies.
  • Customized solution through FAQ.
  • Punctuality and timely delivery.
  • Our products – its quality speaks itself.
  • Life of our product is much more than desired life of any such valves.
  • Our mission is to supply hobbyists and small business with the highest quality electric solenoid valves at the lowest prices.
  • Low cost does not mean low quality at Uflow Automation.
  • Uflow Automation offers customized products also.
  • Uflow Automation has Efficient and Expert team for R & D.
  • Cost effectiveness.