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Solenoid Valve

Pinch Type Solenoid Valve (Normally Close / Open)

Symbol Model No. Tubings Min. Tubings Wall Thickness Min. Operating Pressure Kg/cm²
Inside Diameter Outside Diameter
PA09NYV0 6 9 1.5 0.5
PA09ZYV0 6 9 1.5 0.5
PA08NYV0 5 8 1.5 0.5
PA08ZYV0 5 8 1.5 0.5
PA07NYV0 4 7 1.5 0.5
PA07ZYV0 4 7 1.5 0.5
PA07NYV0 3 6 1.5 0.5
PA09NYV0 3 6 1.5 0.5
  • Low Pressure Loss: Pinch valves at are very few pressure loss. This low pressure system reason it is preferred to perform the flow without causing further loss pressure
  • Use Amenities Containing Particulate in Fluids: Pinch valves use in streams containing small particles is an advantage. small parts such as sand can lead to clogging or orifice solenoid coil blubbering normal valves. The use of pinch valves is an advantage in such cases.
  • Ease of change: In case of any malfunction in a very easy way pinch valves even the is possible to provide changes without the need stopping the flow.
  • Being the Just Fow in Contact With Hosepipe: Is no material or seal outside Hose in pinch valves to be in contact with the fluid. This feature is of great importance for chemicals that are react with a hygienic risks flow or
  • There are different models for different tube diameter and stiffness
  • Solenoid valves are used with the filter.
  • Bobbin up in a vertical position should be preferred.
  • This product in the differential pressureis 0 bar
  • The metal is used in particular to fluid communication undesirable
  • Usage Areas : Dialysis Machines, Pharmaceutical Industry, Medical Laboratories, Food Industry, Bioreactors, Blood Transf Unit, Tissu Transplantation Units,
  • Stiffness of Hose: Max. 55 Shore A

All dimensions are approx

Model No. Diagram No. A B C D ØE ØF F
PA08NYV0 16.1 76 40 102 78 38 30 61
PA08NYV0 16.1 76 40 102 78 38 30 61

Identification Chart Of Solenoid Valve Uflow Automation

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