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Solenoid Valve

2/2 Way Direct Acting Auto Drain Solenoid Valve (Normally Close)

Valve Model No. Coil Model No. &Body Material Pipe (Inch) Orifice (mm) Min. Operating Pressure Kg/cm² Max. Operating Pressure Kg/cm² Seal & Diaphragm Material Flow Factor Kv m³ / hr
ACN205BNEW015V0 MAI09S CF8 ½” 1.5 0 16 NITRILE 0.07
ACN205BNEW030V0 MAI09S CF8 ½” 1.5 0 16 NITRILE 0.20
  • Designed specially to drain sludge and rust laden condensate
  • Reliable all digital electronic circuitry
  • ON and OFF timing adjustable

Identification Chart Of Solenoid Valve Uflow Automation

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